Fall River Portraits

 Public feasts and festivals – whether they are splashy parades through downtown, communal events in city parks and neighborhoods, religious processions, or celebrations of cultural heritage – have long been a central part of Fall River life. The Feasts and Festivals exhibition features about 250 photographs of the city’s feasts and festivals from the 1950s to the present. It is also a collaborative exhibition that invites residents of Fall River to share their memories and  stories. The aim is to provide an opportunity to reflect on the city’s rich traditions and offer innovative, fun, and safe ways for us to create meaningful connections with one another.

The exhibition photographs are selected from the archives of Fall River’s Herald News and the work of anthropologist, Andrea Klimt. The Herald News has been providing Fall River residents with city news and images of local events since 1892. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth anthropologist, Andrea Klimt, has been taking photographs of Fall River’s public celebrations for over a decade and founded the collaborative photography project, Fall River Portraits. Debra Charlebois, Gallery Director at the Bay Coast Bank Gallery at the Narrows Center for the Arts and Andrea Klimt curated the exhibition. Colin Furze, photography editor at Fall River's Herald News, selected the Herald’s photographs.

Please help make this exhibition a collaborative experience.

If you would like to comment on a particular image, use the “comment” box by each photograph.  To open the comment box or see the comments of others click on the comment icon in the top left margin.   

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